Did It Myself ABC123

Did It Myself ABC123 is a fun activity-toy-game-thing for young kids ages 1-5. It's packed with a bunch of different activities to stimulate your young child's brain, including counting, colors, letters, drawing, and music.

Did It Myself ABC123
Platform Nintendo DSi
Publisher Powerhead Games
Released 2010
Languages C++, Lua
Credited Role Technical Director

This project lived up to its name, as the team that directly created it consisted mainly of one person—a single artist at the company, with no programming background—under the direction of the company's CEO. But in a way, almost every programmer at Powerhead worked on it, since it was as thorough a test of the completeness and robustness of our libraries as we had ever had by that point.

Over the previous years developing DS games (and even going back to the GBA days), Powerhead's DS library would constantly grow and improve as programmers contributed more and more code to it. When we added the ability for components of the library to be scripted using Lua—a popular scripting language in game development due to its speed and low memory footprint (though still high for the DS!)—that was the final piece of the puzzle.

Once the main parts of the engine were scriptable, all it took to develop the game was a single artist with interest in learning Lua. Every so often he would request access to an engine feature that was not yet linked to Lua, which we were able to add quickly and easily. In the end, the ease of Did It Myself ABC123's development was a testament to years of successful technology planning, architecture, and execution.

Did It Myself ABC123 was developed by Powerhead Games. It was published on Nintendo's DSiWare service by Powerhead Games.

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